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and Sacred

Sexuality Practitioner 

My Mission - To evoke a sense of empowered Embodiment that connects the intuitive wisdom already instinctively within. Opening, discovering, learning more effective ways to fully feel and integrate our personalized sensual gifts.

 My intention- is to create a safe, healthy, empowering space for anyone to receive healing energy. Educating those who desire to open and explore deeper levels of radical self love. 



Thank you for taking the time to show up for yourself and the sheer desire to explore a different layer of being. It takes courage to be curious, an act of self preservation and radical self love that can dramatically change our current reality. It’s an honor to be considered apart of your sensual journey while expanding our perception of Body-Mind consciousness. 

- Aurah Dominica




Hello, my name is Aurah Dominica, originally from Texas and currently living in Ireland.  I am a passionate, authentic, curious, wholehearted, creative and sensual being.  I'm a non-monogamous demi-sexual woman that supports people with energetic issues related to sex organs and sexual energy  My fascination for bodywork developed from a desire to understand my own body related issues. Over the last 15 years professionally supporting others through different bodywork modalities Just like any other sharpened skillset, my work has taking me down some strange eventful roads, working with all sorts of unique special cases that never cease to seduce my curious nature. 

As an activist for self-love and sensual embodiment it has become my mission to serve and support others on the journey to wholeness.

With Love, 



Mind Body 

The Yoga Institute of Houston 2006

-200 hour Teacher Training 
Mindful Body Center 

-2009 Pilates teachers Training 
Level III Ki-Hara
Resistance Stretching

StaR Physical Therapy with PRI 
East Techniques Tantra Practitioner  
Institute for Mind Body Therapy

 -Sex Surrogate Training  level 1

 Austin Institute for Massage & Spa Therapy

-Massage Therapy

Tribal Tantra 2017 -Facilitators Training 
Tribal Tantra 2018 -Tantra Massage Training 
Ecstatic Dakini Priestess 2018 Training
Universal Tao Ireland 2018- Sexual  Alchemy Training in Dublin Ireland 2018 

Female Ejaculation and G-Spot for Practitioners - Deborah Sundahl Practitioner Training Sweden 2019 
Universal Tao Ireland 2019- Chi Nei Tsang level 1 Dublin Ireland 2019
Universal Tao Ireland 2020 - Five Fusions

Dublin Ireland 2020 

Sports Massage Training 2022 - Belfast 


Dr. Charla Hathaway

Deborah Sundahl

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