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"I have never felt more relaxed or intimate with another human being. Aurah is beautiful and disarming. Her energy immediately puts you at ease and allows your mind and body to open up to her. She is more skillful with her hands than anyone I’ve ever met. She sincerely loves what she does and it shows. I could feel the effects of her incredible bodywork for days. I can not say enough amazing things about her."

TNA Reviewer 



"Hi! I had an amazing time, and doing really well, it was very restorative. I've been meaning to text you, but sometimes I overthink what Im going to say in texts.🤷🏽‍♂️ you had asked me what surprised me the most, and I think it was two things. First, I tend to be reserved when I meet new people, but you put me at ease very quickly and I felt very comfortable with you. Second I've never been much into chakras or body energy, but when you had me inhale up my spine, I could feel my energy move through my body with my breathing. I would love to do another session whenever you are in Bend again if it works out. Now that I have met you and feel totally comfortable, I can relax better and be more in tune. Thank you again so much!"

Adam - Bend, Oregon 2021



"Hey Aurah, sorry I'm late getting this to you. 

I wanted to take a moment and explain in the best way I can what I experienced on Friday evening, thanks to you.

I came to you looking to gain a little more confidence in with my sexuality.  You showed me so much more, by showing me to stay focused on energy.  That was a bit of a challenge for me, as I have

never had to do that, though it was so much more gratifying focusing on energy vs focusing on visuals and trying to reach an orgasm just to have an orgasm.

 You showed me that there is much more that can be experienced than just superficial sexual experiences that society has programmed us to focus on.  You really do show your clients to "go deep".

While I was receiving the massage, the level of energy was intense, though growing gradually.  I can't explain the feeling that I had completely throughout my body, except that it completely engulfed me.  

You are extremely talented.

I left with so much peace and felt so relaxed.  

I had never felt like that before, and was easily the most positive sexual experience of my life.  

If possible, I would like to schedule a session with you again in the future!"

Nathan - Portland, Oregon 2021



"I just wanted you to know that we feel great today!!

Thank you for such an amazing experience!!"

Lonnie, 32

"Hey pretty lady! I just wanted to personally thank you for our session!

We had such a great experience and feel Fantastic!

You have such a beautiful soul and you made the experience so special!

Devon, 31 

A Sensual Couple from Bend Oregon 2021



From the moment you first speak with Aurah on the phone to talk about your issue, you feel safe and in the hands of a consummate professional.  And the same is true in person when you first meet, you are put totally at ease with her presence and matter-of-fact honesty.  I’m in my 60s, a bit out of touch with my body, and was more than a little nervous having never tried something like this before.  She calmly asked questions to help determine what would be best for me – I was made to feel safe in sharing intimate details – and she recommended the 90-minute sensual embodiment massage.  She was very forthcoming in what to expect, where she would take this, and what to get out of it.  


As for the actual experience…I’ve been a writer for over 40 years and words don’t do justice. I felt like I was in the hands of a female Gustavo Dudamel while she conducted a symphony of sensations with my body that built slowly, deliberately and inexorably to a crescendo.  Time honestly seemed to both stand still and expand – I told her afterwards it felt like hours – immersed as I was in the moment and totally in touch with untapped levels of sensation and energy.  This is no exaggeration.  It is a few days after that I write this and I’m still in touch with those sensations and that energy.  Aurah truly has a gift and I’m glad to have experienced it.


R.E., Los Angeles, 2020 Age 69




"My experience with Aurah was truly special. Aurah is sweet, calming, and very knowledgeable. Felt very comfortable with her throughout the session and found it exceptionally easy to be open and honest with Aurah and never felt judged. A huge emotional weight has been lifted, a therapeutic experience that feels like healthy steps in the right direction. I am so happy to have shared it with Aurah"  

J  on the Big Island 2020 Age 32  


"Aurah is not just a body healer but takes the time to focus on your mind and spirit as well. Her sessions are always calming and filled with love and concern about you the person, not you the customer. She rarely worries about the session time but is interested with what is happening in your life and soul. Very caring always nurturing. One of the best in her profession."

Steve on the Big Island 2020 Age 57

"I scheduled a 90 minute sensual embodiment massage with Aurah and was unsure what to expect.  I spoke with her on the phone to talk story and was happy to give a bit of history about myself and goals for the massage.  Trust and expression have been areas in my life that were damaged due to a messy divorce as well as an unhealthy sexual expression.  Aurah was able to relax my nerves and allow me to concentrate on breathing during the session.  I felt at peace, cared for and able to communicate.  Her experience is unique as it focuses on self energy healing and breathing.  There are no distractions, no shame, no guilt.  I was able to self reflect and relax at the same time.  I would highly recommend this for anyone who may have had any damage or abuse from others or oneself.  One session won’t cure you but it will open your eyes on what is normal and healthy.  Thank you again Aurah!"

Matt - Big Island 2020


"For my third session with Aurah, I received a sacred spot massage. Aurah is an amazing tantric therapist and she creates a safe, fun and therapeutic setting. This was my first time having my prostate and sacred spot massaged and the sensation was phenomenal. After prepping me with massage and breathing techniques, I was more than ready to be penetrated. There was no pain whatsoever, just a warm glow throughout my body centered at the root my lingam. The orgasm was amazing, centered in my core and radiating outwards. I was left laughing and a peace with the world, my body and my soul. I recommend this type of massage to everyone; it is a spiritual sensual gift to your self."

Blue, Ashland OR  2018

"It is a rare enough thing to have your expectations met let alone have them surpassed & be inspired. Aurah is an agent of change, a Muse who specializes in general wellness! Within a week of my first appointment, I have quit smoking & have a renewed source of energy that can only be attributed to my time with Aurah @ Go Deep Sanctuary. I left feeling completly reset in the simplest terms. Aurah is such a gifted healer."

Jay- USMC, Bend OR. 2018

"As an aging baby boomer I worried that my sensuality was fading. Yet I wouldn’t go quietly into that night. I actively seek new adventures and stimulation to spark my libido and arouse my inner self. Aurah presented me with the chance to explore my sense of self and love of life. My first session I was asked my expectations and I asked for love of self and renewed confidence in the power of my passions. My first session with Aurah and subsequent sessions have allowed me to realize my inherent potential and re-awaken my sexuality. Aurah simultaneously puts you at ease and allows your passions to resurface."

Dennis K. age 69 Austin TX  2017

"I have know Aurah for three years and she is an absolute delight.

Intelligent, witty and extremely knowledgeable about the machinations of the body, both physical and sexual.

When I met Aurah I was at the end of a long marriage that had become loveless with very little intimate contact. My wife had made me feel unattractive and eventually inadequate sexually.  Aurah allowed me to open up, and through conversation, body work, and tantra, we began to explore where I was at and where I would like to be. Her patience and skill have allowed me to regain control of both my body and psyche. She does not judge nor does she try to tell you how you should feel during each session but allows you to find your own path. I feel happier and more confident than I have in years. My sexual energy has been revived and I feel renewed strength in body and energy.  It has been a great pleasure to have Aurah as a friend, guide and healer."

Alonso B. age 64 Austin Tx

"I wanted to let you know I thought our session was amazing. Afterwards, I had this energy that runs up and down my whole body, from my toes to my crown. You did a really good job helping connect my body and all. 

And our parting conversation really made an impression on me, it was about how much love I have and it left an echo in my ear about why I keep choosing ones who r afraid of love ... I was already in shift, but you gave my brain the words and encouraging of the right direction, and wrap it in sweetness."

R. (non-binary gender) Austin Tx

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