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Create a new level of Self Inquiry

The Core of our being is filled with an array of sensual information, the belly itself is the most vulnerable part of the body due to its precious cargo. When we look a little closer at the tissue in the core, be sure to exhale some easy decompression breaths, allowing ourselves to sense and naturally feel this area. We will soon notice, if we bring our minds eyes into the belly, how much energy is actually moving through out this section of the body. Also referred to as "the second brain" by scientist and doctors who support natural healing modalities.


At least a 120 different types of fascia (or connective tissue) exist within the visceral cavity, these connections also carry around 80-90% of our nerves and yes that would explain why we can feel that tummy ache or our heart beating in our chest. 

 The ancient teachings of The Tao have been healing people for centuries, curing major problems, continually creating miracles based on some of the oldest practices known to humans. They believe just as the solar system is in Orbit outside of us, we also have a micro cosmic orbit happening within us. The organs represent planets, taking on a unique energetic tone or spirit of the organ itself and then becoming the birth place of our emotions.  If our organs aren't healthy then our negative emotions (Energy + Motion) naturally will rise up and will be expressed. They have created guided protocols that utilize organic sexual energy as one of the major elixirs for better health, self love, appreciation, joy, connection and a happy life. 

Are you feeling weak through the core, maybe numb, disconnected, pain, stagnation, balance, mobility or stability issues or maybe you just have a desire to develop a deeper awareness and connection to yourself? 


We focus on learning to empower our own movement with a healthy education of the body. Practicing different foundational teachings that weave Yoga, Pilates, Ki-Hara and The Tao


Educate the mind/body connection with the use of breath, sound and movement.  While learning to strengthen, lengthen, balance, harmonizing the spirit of the pelvis through all the powerful subtleties that encourage stability and control. 

Based on your personal Movement history and goals we can find the right plan for you!! These sessions include a conscious sensual breath, sound and movement inspiration for the body, mind an spirit. 

Find fluidity, learning to let go,  learning to feel, learning to be easy on the process into self awareness and sensual self love.

Embodiment Movement Training

Pilates-Yoga-Taoist exercises that are blends breath, sound and movement.


Introductory 90 min sessions


Private 60 min session

5 session for 225

10 session for 400




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