Erotic Therapies



  The Go Deep Sanctuary provides a safe space to journey into a sensate focused experience that highlights the power of touch.  We will awaken the sensory system, attuning to the body on a deeper frequency within and allowing a stronger sense of awareness to naturally develop.  Intentionally honoring the subtle aspects of our nature, highlighting the sensitivities that long to be expressed, slowing way down and providing ample time to fully discover the internal magic of a sensual being.

   The skin is the largest organ on the body but also a powerful sensing tool. It responds immediately to different energies, raw elements, temperatures, touch and a key player in our basic human instincts and survival. The sensory nerves are concentrated at the hands, feet, head and pelvic region but you will find other areas on your specific body that will feel totally different for everyone. Brining more awareness to these select spots neurologically can offer more in the moment, yet when we acknowledge this also as intelligence, we begin to sense with a fresh set of eyes, feeling deeper into our own unique wisdom (or essence). Some people have experienced a lot of pain or trauma in the body, which can damage the tissue, sometimes effecting the relationship we have with own body in these area, holding unwanted tension, energy and struggling with "letting it go." Being open to feeling sensations (A Sensation is psychological activity happening in the body) or moving Emotions (Energy + Motion = Emotions)  wasn't always demonstrated back to us in a healthy way as we matured and developed. Which can obviously set us up to be unsafe full grown adults who experience fear, shame and guilt around "authentically" expressing any level of energy from the heart. 

We also have a central nervous system which communicates with the peripheral nerves to provide other levels of awareness for our reality and safety.  About 80-90% of our nerves live in the fascial system, which is found all over the body in 126 different types of connective tissues,  holding everything together and acting as a giant slippery wet suit for the body. Our beautiful heart sits just to the left of our sternal plate, making the left lung a tiny bit smaller compared to the right and holds energy of love, joy and connection. The reason we can feel our beating heart vibrating in our chest comes from the connective tissue that is woven around and built into your ribcage. Energetically speaking this is huge realization for most people cause it allows us to connect with our own body, mind and spirit energetically. 

  This complex sensory system is our own erotic blueprint, our personalized unique intelligence that creates a different perspective of reality.  While we relate or engage to the outside world, we also communicate internally, a synergistic effect happens as each system benefits from our ability to fully feel our censorial experience. Realizing our sensitivities, celebrating our senses, understanding energy and trusting the tenderness to truly understand ourselves on a much deeper level.  Eventually we will learn how to fully feel ourselves again, fully receiving our own love, then practice balancing your energy with another, discover how to honor your own energy, protecting and trusting what we sense is authentically or unapologetically the truest version of ourselves.  

Sharing our past touch experience is important (positive or negative) for any level of bodywork but required for this level of touch.  We focus on the highly sensitive neurological spots on the body and this can be a great opportunity to learn, love and honor the parts we haven't been able to fully feel in the past. 

Sensual  Embodiment Massage



What Does Sensuality Mean to you?

The definition of sensory

​The definition of sense

The definition of sensation

The definition of sensual


What does Intimacy mean to you?

The definition of intimate

The definition of Intimacy


  How do you personally define the words "intimacy" or "sensuality" or "sexuality" and do you feel confidant that others see these meanings the same as you?! Have you ever had this conversation with loved ones and actually listened to how they perceive this exchange?...or do we just go through the motions and expect everyone to follow the same ideals?

Due to personal life experiences or lack there of can really shape the way we define these pivotal moments that profoundly transform our perception of connection. 

   People who seek this type of experience usually have a specific need or desire to understand the power of conscious sexuality.  We will explore the art of being worshiped with a holistic, healthy and sacred intentions. As we learn to move energy, breathe, sense and feel our body from within this natural process encourages self trust, surrender and self love. Learning to receive is a skill that vibrates through-out our lives in many other directions and effects us much deeper then we can imagine.  It becomes more of a reflection, linked to our ability to manifest and create our own abundance. Can you imagine opening yourself up to receive all the things you desire now in this reality? Learning the difference between a fast food experience and a nourishing worldly soul food Epicurean can change our perspective when we feel the difference within!


   Let’s Slow Down, allowing the breath, body and mind to finally sync up. Fully feeling the expression of your sensuality in safe healing container while relaxing deeper within through the use of breath, sound and movement. Experience an array of different healing touch modalities that open and expand the mind body consciousness. Taking time to worship each section of this body, therapeutically attuning to the tissues and reaching the next level of an orgasmic meditation.  Experience elemental touch movements that are inspired through different teachings like Touch Therapy, Embodiment Therapy, Cuddle Therapy, Pilate Therapy, Yoga, Ki-Hara, Massage Therapy, Reiki, Tantra, and Taoism.  Each body is different and requires different levels of care and compassion. 

 Ride the sensations, without thinking, just feeling, exploring the erotic innocence that wants to be witnessed. Notice any energy rising, notice yourself feeling in new places, notice yourself receiving and then allow the energy to flow without a destination. Riding the waves of change, learning new forms of embodiment and begin trusting the vast energetic intelligence of your own being. The sensual embodiment massage offers the receiver a radical perspective through the senses, a guided orgasmic meditation, hand crafted around your personal needs, desires and boundaries. Stimulate this present moment with the awareness of fully receiving, quieting the mind and allowing the body permission to surrender.  This level of bodywork is very slow, intentional, rhythmic, healing and provides different results for different people. 

(If you're struggling with any energetic issues like anxiety, depression, PE or erectile dysfunction...these modalities can be a great way to retrain the mind body connectivity). 




We get to focus on the WHOLE body and that also includes all the highly sensitive areas. As well as the Feet, hands, head and belly we also spend a large amount of time Healing the Pelvic bowl. Which transforms the session into much more, allowing the mind, body and spirit to be fully touched. 

We naturally hold large amounts of information or sometimes tension, stress and stagnate energy can accumulate in the pelvis. It supplies the body with so much blood and energy but also controls some basic intuitive senses like balance, stability, creativity, security, fluidity, passion and our vitality.  Our pelvis is amazing!!! (If we haven't fully loved our body in this way before then I invite you learn and experience the magic of Erotic Therapy.)


Penis Owner- Abdominal massage, Pelvic release points, Dearmouring, fascial stretching, increased blood flow, energy/arousal education, Lingam massage ("Wand of light,") Testicles massage, Perineum healing, Anal opening release work and includes a prostate massage with consent.


The sacred seed (or male ejaculate) is an important topic discussed during a proper Lingam massage. We  focus on sensual energy, playing, building,  controlling and guiding you deeper within.

Learning to become a better lover involves educating our own bodies first, playing with our own energy and experience deep love for the self. Eventually discovering our deepest most receptive expressions longing to be witnessed, felt and adored. Sharing ourselves authentically, offering our unique gifts to another with consent and healing presence


Vulva Owner - Abdominal massage, pelvic bowl release points, de-armouring, fascial stretching, increased blood flow, deep hip stretches and energy/arousal education

Sensation training for the Yoni (“Portal of Life”) learn how to feel the vulva, Labia, clitoris, mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, vestibular bulb, urinary meatus, the vaginal opening and perineum with a very slow tender therapeutic intention. Experience yoni mapping, internal release work, expanding the awareness of the G spot, A spot, K spot, O Spot, U spot and tuning into the energy of the Cervix. 

Intention- Connect to sacred energy, create safety, honor boundaries, learn how to move energy, better breathing techniques, feel new sensations, release deep tension, experience surrender, deeper relaxation, inner balance and tranquility.  



Penis Owners (includes prostate)

2 hours -$420.00

3 hours - $500.00

Vulva Owners

$150.00 per hour 
(Most sessions usually last a minimum of 2 hours and sometimes extend up to 4)

4. Lingam Massage by tantra-mandala_edit

Other options...

Cuddle Therapy - $80.00 hour

Pelvic Bowl Release (full body not included)  - $200.00 hour

Private stretching - $200 for 2 hours 

Movement training -  $60 

Couples - add $150.00




Are you struggling with touch? Do you need more presence, awareness, intuition and confidence?


Lets discuss touch and safety. This is a creative playful guided touch experience for those who need support. 

Have you struggled to understand a touch language? Do you struggle to feel safe in your own  body?


Lets explore sensations, make unique touch requests and feel new levels of sensual energy. Discover new ways to express embodied play, intimacy, safety, consent, trust, boundaries and empower the intuition.


This is a great place to start if you want to learn more about touch, play, talking about pleasures and desire without judgment. Those looking to improve subtle intuitive aspects of themselves with a trained female professional bodyworker that provides powerful levels of presence.

Teachings are based on the Wheel of consent protocol.


Option 1: On-Line Zoom meeting

Create a personalized discussion about your needs and desires.  


  • Discuss what is alive for you right now 

  • Guided touch and self love support    

  • Practice Self awareness exercises, Body Mapping, self massage and tension release techniques 

$120.00  60 min

Option 2: Let's meet In Person

Ready to learn how energy and touch can transform a mutual touch experience? Would you like to work in-person and discover a new playground of consensual touch with a trained bodyworker? 

  • Learn to make request, Give, Receive, Take and Allow touch with Consent and boundaries.

  • Learn to rewrite old touch stories and discover new sensations in the body.

  • Learn to play again

  • Learn to feel with success

  • feel erotic energy and sensuality in a safe non judgmental atmosphere 

$300.00  90 min 

Try the Erotic Therapy Reboot session

Resistance stretching,


and the

Sensual Embodiment massage.

~Is your body tight and rigid?

~Do you struggle to relax and feel the body?

This is Next Level Bodywork! Are you ready for a little workout?

Experience different modalities woven together intentionally to challenge

the body, mind and spirit. This session works best for people who enjoy intensity and really struggle to receive.

3hour minimum  - $600

Preparation for Intimate touch - Helpful Hints!

It's an exciting time to play, we create something natural together and share our energy. But if we aren't giving ourselves basic presence and awareness within first, how will we know what we seek, desire and need from another whole being?


It's time we examine all the ways we choose NOT to love ourselves. I invite you to think of all the ugly ways we self talk, the places on the body we don't fully adore or maybe the ways we choose not to care for ourselves through food. These are just examples but when we start to examine all the energetic relationships that don't encourage peace, love and might surprise yourself! Its times to start here and bring more consciousness to the choices that we have control over, start small, begin making loving choices related to your health, happiness and self love. Its not easy if we've had some bad habits, bad experiences, bad luck and lack of support or a healthy tribe. 

The best way to start any touch session is by evaluating our own body first, noticing any excessive stress, sore tissue, injuries and a basic health inquiry that includes our needs and desires. Before we make any request lets start within, discovering our ability to feel and sense ourselves...


These are some recommended self love rituals 


  • Start with a soft inner smile that comes from within and brings awareness to the warmth from inside. Allow yourself to feel this with gratitude 

  •  Tuning within, feeling the body respond to your ability to breath and feel alive  (Take at least 5 min of deep slow effortless air flow) 

  • Use the Mantra "I am safe to feel, I am whole, I am free, I am loved"  repeat as you breathe deeply

  • Remember Hygiene - start with cold splash's of water on the face (wash and clean the body with intention, conscious love, slowing down and taking your time to rinse away the stresses of the day) Bring awareness to whole body, washing away any stagnant energy and focus on tender but conscious cleaning of the intimate areas. follow up by washing with healthy soap, scrubbing under the nails, behind the ears, gargling salt water, clean your teeth with care and make sure the booty is tidy.

  • Light some candles, incense or other smells that fills the room with chemical free sensations

  • self Reiki on your own bodily issues or caress the body in a way that creates sensitivities on places that you haven't felt in a while 

  • Eat Lite (no meat, no fried foods, low sugar intake, no dairy please) and notice if you can feel more sensitive with less heavy foods 

  • Hydration (suggested levels for your body weight)