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Welcome to a new perspective of the mind, body and spirit. Exploring different levels of bodywork that allow us to fully experience higher levels of self awareness, self love and self pleasure.

      Learn how to connect to the body with authenticity, without expectations, performance anxiety, assumptions, confusion, drama or fantasy. Surrender to this moment, a meditation that holistically connects the brain and body . With a strong focus on boundaries, consent, pelvic health, heart energy and honoring the transformation of our own unique sensual embodiment.​

      This bodywork highlights balance, pelvic health, conscious sensuality, breathwork, movement, sexual energy, embodiment, deeper levels of relaxation and a whole new perspective on sensual bodily awareness. 

      Enjoy this meditative journey within, fully feeling, embracing the beauty of this human form, truly honoring our parts within that never get fully felt in sacred surroundings. This atmosphere holds space for any life disasters, changes, dreams, transitions, growth, transformations and all conscious mind-body evolutionary perspectives.


      What is Bodywork? This is a term used in the Mind/ Body touch world that signifies an umbrella of different modalities used as a tool box to help people with an array of different issues. (Each bodyworker will build a different tool box) 

    Helpful Hint: do your own personal research, understand the process of education with any practitioner before requesting any level of therapeutic touch *especially pertaining to the sex organs. This is healing work and learning all the different aspects of this work will allow your experience to be much deeper and more accessible to the truest you. 

What is a Sacred Sexuality practitioner? A trained facilitator that embodies a deep connected awareness of sacred energy and can provide a clear healthy reflection. Allowing others to express and liberate themselves from any shame, guilt, fear and traumatic situations that have held us back from fully loving ourselves. (This is a broad term that weaves the eastern and western philosophies to influence and support each other.) 


Sharing intimate energy...have you considered how  our  human bodies experience sacred energy? Asking ourselves this question is important to notice how we feel, how we sense and connect to our natural energetic selves. No wrong answer here!!! We all view energy from our own perspective, just allow a natural response to occur and explain what we feel. Trust what comes through and describe the experience of sexual energy or sensual energy or fear energy or whatever energetic reality exists inside you today... (maybe we are struggling to understand  our own energy?) 

My ideal client…I prefer to work with humans who need or desire to go deeper within themselves. Someone struggling, someone needing support or those who are curious to learn about themselves.  Maybe you want learn how to feel your partner with new eyes and witness each other from a different perspective. (Most of my favorite clients only wanted to feel worshipped and adored for purely existing!)

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