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2 Hour session 



     This is a clothes-on stretching and strengthening session that focuses on specific range of movements, designed to expose the weakness within the body. Bringing more awareness, power, balance, attuning to what the body needs in a slow, safe and more conscious intuitive approach.  Creating more energetic expansion throughout the body with breath, sound and movement; while teaching new ways to understand fascia, balancing joints and improving muscle tone.

   This session is a safer, more effective way to protect from over stretching while improving blood flow, neurological connectivity, breathing restrictions, deeper abdominal awareness and learning to "let go" of external resistance with deeper  internal power. 

   This modality will teach you about your body, revealing unhealthy patterns, reconnecting the neurological/muscular systems, while discovering your own unique complex fascial system that runs throughout the body. This session promotes vagus nerve health, improved air flow, greater abdominal source energy, integration of the Mind- Body communication, learning to trust your body and proper functional movement wisdom.

    After a focused interactive assisted resistance bodywork session, enjoy a relaxing receptive flushing technique called "Mashing," which allows the body to fully surrender and cleanse. Mashing is a term created by " Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching" which consists of a blended footwork technique that takes teachings from Ashiatsu and Thai massage to promote  toxin release after resistance training, ridding the  body of residual stagnation and improving neuroplasticity.




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